It is very natural to get tempted by the six-figure winning amount of online poker tournaments. There is nothing wrong to have high aspirations, but that aspiration needs to have proper backing of intellectual and emotional intelligence along with an appetite for risk. The digital boom has made it possible for millions of people to play online poker from the comfort of home. Apart from the classical luck vs. skill debate, online poker faces a social stigma of right or wrong as the majority of people think that it is equivalent to compulsive gambling. 

The nature of the game is such that people get tempted to take unnecessary risks with the money in the hope of getting lucky someday. Unfortunately, people blame the game, not personal fallacies. Poker online is a game of perfect interplay of skill and emotions with a focus on the bankroll. It is a fact that you can be a millionaire overnight with higher chances of going bankrupt as well daftar idn poker terbaru. The right or wrong depends on how you plan, play and prioritize. 

Here are some of the factors that help you judge whether online poker is right or not:  

  • Unlimited Fun 

Online poker has everything you can imagine to have fun. Just like any other sports, it has characters, actions, challenges, chances, and hope. The participation in the real game with thrill off risk and reward makes it different. If you want to play poker for fun, then be careful as non-seriousness could make you easy prey. The challenge here is the overindulgence in the game as ego comes into action when someone beats you in an easy hand. Fun is fine, but addiction is bad.   

  • Maximum Earning 

Frankly, the fun is there only because of the risk involved in real money and real rewards. People come on the poker table to take the risk with money so that they could earn the big pot. The decision is your control whether you want to play online poker games to earn some part-time money or be a professional poker player to earn big money. You have to decide according to your skill and risk-taking appetite. So, it is not the game, but your control that makes it good or bad. You have to learn when to be aggressive with your betting and when to fold.  

  • Emotional Load  

The reward is there when you win. But this victory has its own cost. It is physical, mental as well and financial. The game requires a very high level of intensive attention to read clues and use them effectively. Your decision making skill makes all the difference when it comes to winning rate. Despite the best of your ability, it is always a case of 50-50. 

  • Castle in Poker Land 

You are winning and your mind starts making not yearly, but decadal planning. Although it is very natural to have earning projections, in the world of poker you have to be very cautious as a little mistake could cost you a fortune. It is not good to have a castle in poker syndrome as it hurts when you lose some games. You simply cannot blame the game for your rosy projections. 

Every game has its limits. Just like any other game, online poker also has chances of injury which could jeopardize the whole career. Learn the craft of poker and practice it in real-time with an ultimate focus on profitability. Risk is fine, but it should be calculative.